Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Character analysis of my comic book

This is my character named Avian. He was a leading scientist who's research was very successful. His latest research became well known and was stolen by two criminals.
He gains his powers though an accident at his lab which affects him and his lab assistant. This allows him to find the criminals and retake his stolen research.

Character analysis of my comic book

This is my character who is called hurricane. She works alongside the main character as his assistant. During the comic book she will always be by the side of the main character Avian. Hurricanes powers in my comic book are the ability to control winds. This allows her to summon powerful gales to hurl at her enemies.
The comic book also tells of how Hurricane gains her powers. She begins as an assistant scientist and when she discovers some important science research has been stolen she accidentally became contaminated with chemicals and radiation which gave her power of the winds.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Target Audience profile

The target audience for my comic will be young children who are interested in comic books. They will be around the age of 10 and therfore the text in the comic will simple. There will also be a lot of animations as the children are quite young. To improve my comic I have researched into other childrens comics.

Comic Book Artist: Jerry Ordway

Jerry Ordway is an American comic book artist who has worked with many successful companies. He has worked on comics such as Superman and Captain Marvel from 1980-1990. Ordways work consists mostly on comics, but is also a writer and painter.

Ordway's work consists of sketches which are then edited and used in comic books. Ordways first success (a penciled sketch of "Mystery in space") in 1994 led him to become well known.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Research of a comic publisher

Warpton comics have been working with other companies since 1996. They have worked as comic publishers and have assisted many companies in comic and bussiness projects. Warpton comics have worked with many companies including Frequency, Swin City and UKomics. The company is run by Steve Cause, which works with a variety of medium to help in projects primarily in the creative industries.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday, 16 October 2009

The Hulk is a well known Marvel animation. In this comic he is pictured wearing his trademark purple shorts. The aggressive stance of Hulk smashing through the rock and sand shows that he is very strong and out of control.

The title also gives two views towards the character as the title states the incredible Hulk. This can be interpreted as the unusual Hulk, but it doesn't give any hints to whether he is a hero or a villain.